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Why Me?  It’s not hard to find someone to design, develop, implement, host, and maintain your Web site. What’s hard is finding someone you can trust. Someone who speaks your language. Someone who knows all about the Web and the Internet and how they can be used to further your goals. Someone who can and will explain as much of it to you as you care to know, cheerfully and patiently and with respect. Someone who will do the job right — according to you — the first time, on time and on budget.


Your Way  I’ll work with you in the way you want to work. Whether you know a great deal about computers, the Web, and the Internet, or nothing at all; whether your goal is full involvement in the ongoing development of your Web site or total delegation to a knowledgeable and reliable outsider. Are you your own server expert? I’ll do the work to spec and turn the site over to you, fully documented. Don’t know email from a browser? I’ll do the entire job, to your complete satisfaction, and help you to get your arms around the technology to the extent you want to learn more.


Small is Good  The way I work can be especially appropriate for small businesses and single proprietorships. A larger-scale operation has the resources to develop detailed requirements and specifications for their Web presence. My high-touch approach to Web development means I collaborate closely with you at whatever degree of detail works best for your schedule, availability, and level of knowledge and interest.

Some Samples  I recently completed and delivered a site for a local home funeral guide, Peaceful Passage At Home (site as delivered is archived here). I provide hosting for this site. The front page makes inventive use of jQuery functions (and custom extensions of them for the case of Internet Explorer) to orchestrate the unfolding of the page as it loads for the first time.

In May 2009 I became involved with the Groton Community Dinners project, and volunteered to develop and host their site. Here is an archived copy of the site as initially delivered. For this site I invented an elegant extension of the rounded-corner style developed by Dave Woods.

Early in 2009 I developed the site for the new owners of the Main Street Cafe in Groton (site as delivered is archived here). I provide hosting for this site.

Early in the summer of 2006 I redesigned and reworked the site of the First Parish Church of Groton. The site was updated from FrontPage to modern standards using CSS, and now includes a members-only area requiring secure login. I provide hosting.

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