Keith Dawson’s posts on Business Agility: 2012

29 Malware-as-a-Service 28 Macs & Malware 26 The CIO Must Evolve 25 Facebook Agrees to 'Sponsored Stories' Climbdown
22 More Funding Urged for Catching Cybercriminals 21 Microsoft's 'Surface' Tablet / PC 19 Amazon AWS: From Strength to Strength 18 Microsoft to Buy Yammer for $1.2B
15 ICANN's Dot-Anything Plan Advances 14 Social Business by Design 12 The Essence of Agility 11 Internet Evolution Educates on IBM PureSystems
08 Agility Lessons From the LinkedIn Breach 07 Google's Quickoffice Bolsters Mobile, Constrains Microsoft 05 When Big-Data Becomes Toxic 04 APIs Are NOT Copyrightable
01 Mobile Device Management From the Trenches
31 Arguing for IT Service Management 29 Box Beefs Up for the Enterprise
25 Facebook Should Do the Following 24 Government Access to Cloud Data 22 Desktop-as-a-Service 21 Facebook's Post-IPO Agility
18 Staffing for Big-Data Analytics 16 The Agile Way to Do Mobile Development 15 Going Whole Hog With BYOD 14 Defining Big-Data
11 Mobility & the Risks of BYOD 10 Oracle v. Google: Are APIs Copyrightable? 08 Getting Away With Stealing Software 07 Tablets in IT's Future
04 Apple Rejecting Apps That Use Dropbox 03 Agility on Display in Online Advertising 02 Datacenters Multiply in the Frozen North 01 Unintended Consequences of the Cloud
30 Source-Code Breach a Cause for Worry
27 A Primer on the Social Enterprise 26 Agile Like Disney 25 The Top Worries of Security Pros 24 Microsoft, Dropbox Enhance Cloud Offerings 23 Google Drive Is Coming
20 Amazon's 'App Store for the Cloud' 19 OpenFlow Promises More Agile Networks 16 Turbulence in the Clouds
13 A Crash Course in Near Field Communication 12 Why Microsoft Bought 800 of AOL's Patents 11 IBM Packages a 'Cloud in a Box' 10 IT Jobs & the Cloud 09 Mac Malware Has Arrived
05 IBM & Exascale Computing: the Biggest of Big Data 04 Cloudburst: Unexplored Risks of the Cloud 03 UN-ITU Meeting to Review Internet Governance 02 Box's Bid to Become Cloud's Operating System
30 US Government Research Push on Big Data 29 JOBS Act to Unleash 'Kickstarter on Steroids' 28 China Security Concerns Coming Home to Roost 27 Bringing Manufacturing Back 26 Cloud Is Exacerbating Tensions Between Business Units & IT
23 Hacktivism Accounts for Most Lost Data 22 Benchmarking Cloud Data Transfer 21 Risks of Advertisements in Android Apps 20 Cloud Prices Coming Down to Earth 19 Rumors of Death of the CIO Greatly Exaggerated
16 The Cloud Will Rain Jobs 15 Study Finds IT Skill Gaps 14 Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Patents 13 Mobility & the IT Worker 12 The New iPad & the Enterprise
09 How Security Can (& Must) Work With DevOps 08 Curing the Ills of Healthcare Security 07 Merger of United & Continental Shows How Not to Be Agile 06 Google's Privacy Policy & the Law 05 BYOD: Productivity Concerns Eclipse Security
02 Facebook Is Trying to Lower Your Costs 01 'CPU Act' Could End IT Overtime Pay
29 RSA Security Meeting: Cloud, Mobile, & Big Data 28 Why Cloud Security Is Hard
24 Privacy: The Consumer Bill of Rights 23 Enterprise Social Networking in Practice 22 A First Look at Cloud Security 21 Staying Employable in IT
17 Path-Gate' Teaches Hard Lessons in Mobile Privacy 16 LightSquared: The Wrong Kind of Agile 15 Yellow Pages: Insufficiently Agile 14 How Social Initiatives Fail 13 Social Business & the Introvert
09 The 'App Economy' & Its Meaning for IT 07 Time for Serious Focus on Mobile 06 IT Relevance Through the Social Enterprise
03 Cloud Productivity Heats Up With IBM Docs 02 Building a Data Science Team for the Agile Enterprise 01 Apple Takes Lead in Mobile Device Management
31 While Pursuing Agility, Don't Lose Heart 30 Limits of Big Data Analytics
27 Heads Up for the Latest iOS Jailbreak 25 Industrial-Strength File Syncing & Sharing 23 Be Sure You Own Your Data in the Cloud
20 Big Data, NoSQL, & the Cloud 19 Navigating HTML5 Standards 18 SOPA & PIPA: The Antithesis of Agility 17 Making It Fun to Start a New Job
13 Chaotic Times Demand an Agile Response 12 IBM Bids to Formalize the Social Business Market 11 Olympus Shaping Up as Textbook Case of Poor Agility 10 Guarding Against 'Advanced Persistent Threat' 09 CIOs May Face Staffing Challenges
06 Origins of BYOD Suggest a Way Forward 05 Rebalancing: Rethinking Offshored Manufacturing

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