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kd avatar About the Principal  I’ve worked with the Web for 27 years, with the Internet for 36, and with networked computer technology and software for over 45, so my professional roots go right to the beginnings of this industry. I’ve been making technology — and making sense out of technology — for diverse audiences throughout my entire career. I can guide you towards getting the most out of the Internet while maintaining whatever degree of involvement with the technology best suits your style.

Here is my complete professional resumé.

I blog regularly at Suddenly at Home and occasionally at Recovering Physicist and Kinda Different; on Twitter I’m @kdawson.


Net Journalism  I spent four years building sponsored coummunity sites for marketing services company UBM. Assignments included editorships at sites devoted to cloud development, business agility, marketing technology, and LED lighting. Before joining UBM I finished up a four-year stint as editor at the seminal tech news site, Slashdot. For over two years I was a contributing writer for the Industry Standard’s celebrated and influential newsletter Media Grok. After the demise of the Standard, with other Media Grok writers and editors I helped to bring back that newsletter’s spirit, as Media Unspun. Here are my published pieces.


Tasty Bits from the Technology Front  From 1994 to 2001, I was Editor and Publisher of the groundbreaking email / Web newsletter TBTF. TBTF brought a worldwide readership timely news on technology developments that affect the life of the Net. The writing was crisp and engaging and the links were rifle shots. There was nothing else like it on- or offline. TBTF was cited by Forbes Magazine for their Best of the Web list in the year 2000. I was named Internet Journalist of the Year for 1999 by Internet Freedom. See what readers, reviewers, and republishers had to say about TBTF.

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