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T. Rex Auction, Take 2
Jan 18 2000 12:00 AM PST

The man who tried and failed last year to auction a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton online is having another go. Last July's eBay (EBAY) auction, like the recent one for the domain name, was marred by prank bids. This time the owner of the bones is using the auction services of Lycos (LCOS), backed up by, in order to prequalify bidders by verifying their financial status.

USA Today and the New York Times ran an AP story filed hours after the auction opened and before any bids had been registered. The BBC's later coverage cast some doubt on the efficacy of's vetting service, noting a bid by one "dumbass507." On the Web, it's hard to keep a good dumbass down. - Keith Dawson

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[Registration required.]

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