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Linux, Eh?
Apr 12 2000 12:00 AM PDT

Canada is hosting its first big Linux exhibition this week, and Reuters had Montreal all sewn up. Among other outlets covering the show, only Wired News sent its own reporter.

The Mercury News ran a Reuters piece by Susan Taylor. She talked to the keynoters, the bosses of Red Hat and Corel, both of whom downplayed the sagging market for Linux issues. In the aftermath of the Microsoft (MSFT) antitrust decision, Taylor apparently couldn't resist quoting one of the expo organizers' recitation of an old saw: "In a world without borders, who needs Gates?"

ZDNet's InternetWeek picked up a different, unbylined Reuters story focusing on the battered stock-market valuations of Linux companies. MSNBC went with yet another Reuters piece that set up a somewhat artificial contrast between the views of big companies - that Linux will make big inroads in American markets - and "other market watchers," who favored Linux' prospects overseas.

Wired News' Matt Friedman sought out some of the Linux true believers, who confirmed the international appeal of the open-source operating system: On a per-capita basis, the U.S. ranks 19th in Linux use.

Trust the beat reporter to dig deepest. Linux Today's Kevin Reichard caught the flavor of the Montreal event: slightly dispirited but chin held high. Reichard noted that several big Linux companies didn't exhibit. LinuxCare had just postponed its IPO and SuSE pulled out at the last minute. And noting the relative paucity of new product announcements, Reichard speculated that vendors were holding out for next week's Linux Business Expo at Spring Comdex. - Keith Dawson

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