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There You Go Again
Apr 19 2000 12:00 AM PDT

Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer stood unrepentant before a group of reporters and editors in Washington yesterday. "I do not think we broke the law in any way, shape or form," he said. Huh? His company had just been convicted of violating the Sherman Antitrust Act. As prosecutors prepare to submit remedies to the judge next week, the press is reporting on two new areas in which the Redmond giant stands accused of extending its monopoly power.

The Washington Post's James V. Grimaldi discussed a white paper, prepared by the Computer and Communications Industry Association, that fell off a truck and into the Post's hands. The CCIA accuses Microsoft of trying to muscle into the market for Internet servers by using the same tricks that served it so well in the browser wars. The Seattle Times (dossier) picked up Grimaldi's article.

Ballmer's local Post-Intelligencer carried an AP story on the other brewing antitrust controversy: Microsoft's python-like "embrace and extend" maneuver against Real Networks in the streaming-media biz. CNET (CNET) calls the process "getting Netscaped" in its introduction to a bundle of nine (!) stories about the Microsoft-Real putsch.

The Seattle P-I also ran Bloomberg copy on the new third front in Microsoft's ongoing war: the European Union. The P-I story focused on a 1996 complaint about Microsoft's behavior in blocking the import of its goods into France, but it also touched on the EU investigation opened recently over Microsoft's attempts to dominate the server market with Windows 2000. Finally, the Wall Street Journal made the case for considering these new monopolistic allegations in the current trial's remedy phase. - Keith Dawson

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