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All LED Lighting Table of Contents

Here is the first edition of the All LED Lighting table of contents, covering 2013 from our launch to date. It's not a complete listing of everything we have published since February 11, 2013, but it gives a good idea of the range and breadth of what we discuss here. We will be enhancing and updating this table of contents periodically.

Aeronautical applications
LEDs Hijack Aircraft Lighting
To the Moon

Audi's Future With LEDs, OLEDs & AMOLEDs

Automotive applications
LEDs Gone Wild at the Bangkok Motor Show
LEDs in the Mud
LEDs: The Best Choice for Tail & Brake Lights
Audi's Future With LEDs, OLEDs & AMOLEDs

  • LED Headlamps

    Blue-light hazard

  • Researchers Claim LED Light Damages Retinas
    Future's So Bright
  • LED Lighting Poses No Blue Light Hazard
    A Critical Look at LEDs' Blue Light

    Cartoon: LED Down the Garden Path
    Cartoon: Forward Voltage
    Cartoon: LED Zeppelin

    Color-adjustable lighting
    Philips's Hue LED Bulb: Expensive Party Bulb or Brilliant Marketing Tool?
    Color Control

  • 3 Routes to Color-Adjustable Home Lighting
  • Philips Boosts Hue With 1.1 Release
    Philips's Dimmable, Color-Tunable Light
  • Hue Has 2 Friends
  • One Way to Hack Hue

    Color science, CCT, and CRI
    Closing the CRI Gap
    Want to Get Up Close & Personal With the CRI Gap?
    The EE & the Ellipse
    Daylight Is for Deviants, Part 1
    Daylight Is for Deviants, Part 2

  • Getting Up to Date With Color Science
    Illumination & Other Nits
    The Color Temperature Conundrum
  • Cree's New High-CRI LEDs
    One Step at a Time
  • Xicato Shoots for Vibrant
    Luminous Efficacy of Radiation
  • Color Blues
    Hush, Little Darlin', Don't You CRI

    Commercial LED retrofits

  • LED Retrofit Saves Manufacturer an Easy 40%
  • When Will LEDs Replace Office Fluorescents?
  • 6 Million Square Feet of LED Retrofit
  • Financing LED Retrofits

    A LED's-Eye View of Design West
    LEDucate Me! What's on Your Must-Do List for the LEDucation Conference?
    LEDucation's Show Floor Comes Alive With Cool Lights, Hot Products
    Sunrise Strip at LEDucation

  • Ahead of Lightfair 2013
  • Lightfair 2013: Awards & Highlights
  • Lightfair 2013: 2nd Day Standouts
    Lightfair 2013 Show Highlights: A Blogger's-Eye Perspective
    5 Reasons to Attend Lightfair
    LED Show Report: 'Powering' General Lighting SSL Adoption
    LED Show Report: Not High Voltage? Forget it!
  • Tuesday Roundup: LEDucation Again

    Understanding LED Dimming Methodologies, Part 1

  • What We Mean by Dimming
    Dim Bulb
  • Taking a Dim View
    Dim It, Darn It

    LED-Cast! — Join All LED Lighting & Friends for a Live Web Tutorial on Thursday, March 21

  • Introducing Philips Lighting University
  • A Webinar on Designing With LEDs

    Future/big picture
    What Makes LEDs Different: A Sneak Preview of SSL's Future
    What Comes After LEDs?
    MTTF & Reality
    Preparing for the Coming Catastrophe
    Race to the Bottom
    What's the Bright Idea?
    How Fast Can LEDs Continue to Improve?
    7 LED Terms of Art You May Not Know

  • That's a Good Question
  • Future of Light

    GaN substrates
    Lumileds, Osram Expanding LED Operations in SE Asia
    Plessey's GaN-on-Si LED Breakthrough
    Soraa's GaN-on-GaN LEDs
    Which GaN Can?
    Aledia's 3D GaN-on-Si Microwire LEDs

  • A Biased Look at the Prospects for Sapphire
  • Monday Roundup: Big Sapphire
  • Soraa Spells Out GaN-on-GaN Advantages


  • DoE Spells Out LED Energy Savings
  • The Next Energy Star Draft
  • Soraa Renews Push for 2-Tier Energy Star
    The Heavy Hand

    How LEDs Got the Blues
    The 3 Stages of SSL Adoption
    A Historical Overview of LED Technology

    Home lighting projects
    The Lighting Bug
    Helping Homeowners Switch to LED Lighting
    LED Patio Lights & Mosquitoes

    Human-centric lighting and scotobiology

  • Scotobiology & LEDs
    Lighting Doesn't Grow on Trees
  • Researchers Claim LED Light Damages Retinas
    Future's So Bright
  • The Speed of Dark
  • LEDs & Sleep
  • Bees Like LED Grow Lights
    Different Lights for Different Birds
  • Human-Centric Lighting in Europe

    IR and UV LEDs
    IR LEDs Illuminate Night-Vision Camera Module
    p-ZnO Breakthrough Lifts UV LED Prospects
    Bright Lights You Can't See

    Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects

  • Robot Bartender Would Not Be Complete Without LEDs
  • Kickstarting LED Projects
  • Movies for Bicycle Wheels
  • NliteN's 2D-Lite LED Disk

    LED competition
    Sodium, LEDs, Plasma & Fireflies
    LED Competition: Fluorescent Lighting
    LED Competition: Induction Lighting
    RF Plasma: Another LED Competitor

  • Monday Roundup: Plasma

    LED business
    4 Things the SSL Industry Must Learn From the Solar Industry's Growing Pains.
    Wake Up & Smell the Tulips —1 a Tale of 2 Startups
    Is the Lighting Science Recall the SSL Industry's 'Solyndra Moment'?
    Another Solid State Lighting Recall Rocks the Industry
    Applying Tesla's Creative Lease Accounting to SSL
    Lumileds, Osram Expanding LED Operations in SE Asia
    Market Forecasts for LEDs Shine

  • Getting to 80 Percent Market Share
    An Environmental Assessment of the SSL Industry
  • Osram Goes Public
  • LED Business Shines Brightly
  • Financing LED Retrofits
    Follow the Money
    Starting an LED Business
    Business Climate

    LED drivers
    Will Atmel's 2-Color Mixing LED Drivers Help Close the CRI Gap?
    It's Just a Diode, Dude
    I Don't Hate Electrolytic Capacitors!
    The Buzz in LED Lighting
    Driverless LED Lighting
    The Driver's Seat: Driving LEDs
    AC LEDs
    How to Avoid Electrolytic Caps

  • A Driver Specialist's Worldview
    On EMI
    The Chain Gang

    LEDs in extreme environments
    Of Light, Snow & Ice

  • Lighting Boston's Tunnels
  • Monday Roundup: Crash Test
    LED Lights for Extreme Environments
    Underwater LED Lighting for Your Yacht

    LiFi/data communications

  • Monday Roundup: Data From Ceiling Lights
  • LiFi in the Real World

    Lighting careers
    Engineering: Not Just a Profession, It's a Lifestyle, Part I
    Engineering: Not Just a Profession, It's a Lifestyle, Part 2
    Meet the Lighting Auditor
    In Praise of In-Person Networking
    Starting an LED Business
    Business Climate

  • Portrait of a Lighting Startup
    Claim Your Lighting Career

    Lighting control
    A House Divided: Can Any Lighting Control Protocol Ignore Ethernet & TCP/IP?
    The Future of IP-Based Lighting Control
    Silicon Labs Hops on the ZigBee Bandwagon — Does It Matter to SSL Makers?

  • LED Retrofit Saves Manufacturer an Easy 40%
  • Monday Roundup: ZigBee on a Chip
  • LEDs, Big-Data & the Cloud
    Internet-Connected Things
  • Monday Roundup: Automation Armageddon

    Lighting design
    The Challenges of Lighting Very Large Spaces
    LEDs at Logan Airport
    Not All Interior Decorators Love LEDs
    Actually Using LED Bulbs

    Maker/hacker projects
    Hot-Rod LEDs, Flashlight Hacks & Other DIY Photonic Wonders
    Arduino + GSM + SSL = ???
    LEDs at Maker Faire

    Measuring light
    Portable Spectrophotometer Useful for LED Measurements

  • Yet Another Portable Spectrophotometer
    CFLs Don't Work for Directed-Light Applications
    LED Lighting in the Workplace: Hard to Measure
    Review: AsenseTek Lighting Passport Portable Spectrophotometer

    Can LEDs Assist Elder Vision?
    The Light Touch: Solid State Healing With LEDs

  • Life-Saving LEDs
    Optogenetics: Light Up Your Brain
  • Lighting & Alzheimer's
    Blue LEDs Provide Pain Relief

    True White OLEDs on the Horizon
    Germany Targets OLED SSL Cost Reduction
    Audi's Future With LEDs, OLEDs & AMOLEDs
    Prospects for OLED Lighting

  • US Government Invests in Advanced LED/OLED Manufacturing
    OLED's Weak Challenge to LED Lighting
  • OLED Lighting on the Ascendent by 2015
    Are OLEDs Catching Up? Objects in Your Rearview Mirror May Be Brighter Than They Appear.

    Patents and intellectual property

  • Rambus Using Patents in a New Way
    LED Patent Wars Causing Collateral Damage
  • The SSL Intellectual Property Landscape


  • Nanoribbon Europium Phosphors Shine With Promise
  • Quantum Dot LEDs
  • Silicon Nanoparticle LED Phosphors

    Power and DC
    Don't Take Lightning Lightly
    Who Needs PFC?

  • LEDs & the Smart Grid
    DC Powers Its Way Back to the Mains

    Public lighting projects

  • LED Art at City Scale
  • LEDs on High
    Missouri S&T's Solar Village Points the Way for Microgrids & LED Lights
  • New Rijksmuseum Puts LED Tech on World Stage
  • On the Lighting of Bridges
    LEDs at Logan Airport
    LEDs & the 2013 International Lighting Awards
  • Mona Lisa Lit by Toshiba LEDs
  • Monday Roundup: Lighting a Castle
  • Lighting Boston's Tunnels
  • Nothing But LEDs at the Paris Metro
  • Stealing LED Lights
  • University of North Carolina Moving to Cree LEDs
    LEDs Light Up Santa Monica Pier

    Replacement light bulbs
    Confessions of a Bulb Smuggler
    Let's Put a Stop to Illegal Illumination
    Now Is the Time to Ban CFLs!
    Finding Rebates on LEDs
    Repeal the Ban!
    Shattering the Incandescent Light Bulb Ban
    LED Bulbs Are Now Useful & Easy to Buy for Home Lighting
    Internet Offerings of A19 LED Bulbs

  • US House Blocks Enforcement of Energy Standards, Again
    3-Way Replacements Poised to Proliferate
    3-Way Tie
  • NliteN's 2D-Lite LED Disk
  • Cree's $20 High-CRI California Bulb


  • Monday Roundup: Hybrid LEDs Using Organic Dyes
  • Monday Roundup: Droopy LEDs
    LED Droop Unmasked
  • Monday Roundup: LEDs That Mimic Fireflies
    Epistar Speeds LED R&D via Intermolecular Deal
  • Monday Roundup: Strawberry Shelves Forever
    Elevated Green LED Light Output via Strain Engineering
  • Multifunctional LED Packaging
  • Monday Roundup: Droop Again

    Street lighting
    New LED Streetlights Go off the Grid

  • Wrinkles in Upgrading Street Lighting
  • Cities Flocking to Install LED Street Lights
    The City of LED Lights
  • Cree's $99 Street Light
  • LED Street Lights in the Real World

    Sustainability and third-world projects

  • LEDs & Sustainability
    Pay-as-You-Go SSL Solution Brings Light to Africa
  • Fishing With Light on African Lakes
    New LED Streetlights Go off the Grid
  • Changing the World One Hen at a Time

    Thermal management
    Mastering the Dark Art of LED Thermal Management, Part 1
    Mastering the Dark Art of LED Thermal Management, Part 2
    Helping LEDs Keep Their Cool

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