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The Most Popular All LED Lighting Posts of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, let's look back at the blog posts that most interested members of, and visitors to, this community.

Below are the top 20 posts by number of page views since this community opened its doors on February 11, 2013.

The runaway most popular post was one on automotive lighting, as was the No. 4 post. Incandescent replacement bulbs for the consumer market were popular, taking up four slots in the top 20. On the list are one blog on aeronautical lighting, one on marine lighting, and one on street lighting. One post about sustainability and a product for the third world made the cut. Four blogs were what I call "big think" pieces, high-level reflections on technologies or markets. Three blogs were on the particulars of driver design. One blog discussed LEDs in a home renovation project. A piece on the lighting of the spire atop the rebuilt One World Trade Center in New York rounds out the top 20.

  1. Audi's Future With LEDs, OLEDs & AMOLEDs by Blaine Bateman
    The automaker is acknowledged as the leader in applying LED technology to automotive lighting. Here's what they've been up to.
  2. The Ugliest LED Light Bulb by Karl Hakkarainen
    The developers of the nanoleaf are making big claims for their 10-sided Frankenbulb.
  3. How Fast Can LEDs Continue to Improve? by Ron Lenk
    Speaking at The LED Show, a Lumileds spokesman opined that efficacy will continue to improve rapidly for the next three years at least.
  4. LED Headlamps by Keith Dawson
    LEDs are busily conquering most every niche in automotive lighting except headlamps; this demanding application represents the final frontier, and it is beginning to yield to SSL.
  5. Cree vs. TCP Consumer LED Bulbs: A Rough Comparison by Keith Dawson
    Herewith photos of the light from a Home Depot Cree LED light bulb and an equivalent Walmart bulb manufactured by TCP. The lack of differentiation may surprise you.
  6. Kitchen's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades by Keith Dawson
    My colleague, Martin Rowe, a senior technical editor working on sister UBM publications EDN and EE Times, shared photos of a comprehensive kitchen lighting re-do using all LEDs.
  7. Some Facts About Walmart's LED Bulbs by Keith Dawson
    We round out our overview of Walmart's entry into the residential replacement bulb market, with the help of photos from industrial designer Peter Wachter.
  8. LEDs Hijack Aircraft Lighting by Bill Reisenauer
    I'm in a United Boeing 777 level at 32,000 feet somewhere over Canada en route to Shanghai.
  9. The Buzz in LED Lighting by Bill Reisenauer
    Let me tell you a tale of a mysterious noise, and its isolation and elimination.
  10. Walmart Makes a Big Splash in Residential LEDs by Keith Dawson
    Walmart just threw a very big rock into the retail LED pond. It will begin selling a "Great Value" line of private-label, incandescent-replacement LED bulbs starting at $8.88.
  11. Preparing for the Coming Catastrophe by Ron Lenk
    Here is one piece of history we had darned well better prevent from repeating itself.
  12. Fishing With Light on African Lakes by Keith Dawson
    Artisanal fishers in Africa, who fish by night using mostly light from kerosene lamps, could benefit immediately and long-term from the use of LEDs.
  13. Researchers Claim LED Light Damages Retinas by Keith Dawson
    Research published last fall found that LED light causes irreparable harm to retinal pigment epithelial cells in vitro.
  14. Underwater LED Lighting for Your Yacht by Robin Miller
    Here are some options for underwater lights for your boat, if they are legal where you put it in the water. Better check first.
  15. LED Street Lights in the Real World by Keith Dawson
    This two-year-old comparison of nine LEDs to HPS lighting may be technologically dated, but it turned up plenty of real-world issues of application and measurement.
  16. The Economics of LED Lighting by Keith Dawson
    Niels Bohr said, "Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future." But we want you to take a stab at it: Where will LED lighting prices be going, and why?
  17. The Chain Gang by Bill Reisenauer
    Say you want to design the simplest possible driver for a string of LEDs. Here's how to calculate the one value you'll need to know.
  18. LEDs on High by Keith Dawson
    Later this year, LEDs from Barbizon Lighting will illuminate the spire of the new One World Trade Center building in New York City.
  19. Driverless LED Lighting by Blaine Bateman
    Herewith some of the up-and-coming players shipping products based on AC, or driverless, LEDs.
  20. Where the Action Is in LED Lighting Technology by Ed Rodriguez
    Let's talk about what's important in solid-state lighting technology, and what trends are mere sideshows.

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