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Next Generation Luminaires Awards

The winners of the 2014 NGL Design Competition for indoor luminaires exemplify the progress the industry continues to make, but some areas of concern are getting increased attention.

The awards were announced at the LED Show in Los Angeles last week.

  judged recog-
best in
2008 68 22
2009 126 43 4  
2010 138 33 4
2012 indoor 114 53 3  
2012 outdoor 120 32 4
2013 indoor 112 28 3 4
2013 outdoor 68 20 6
2014 indoor 153 57 4 4

The judges recognized 57 luminaires as worthy of specification. In addition, they named four luminaires as Best in Class and four others as Emerging -- the latter are not yet on the market. The winners are all enumerated on this page. For each winner, a thumbnail provides a link to its description.

The number of entries rose more than 50% from the 2013 indoor competition. The table shows the growth since 2008 of both the NGL competition and the underlying market it recognizes.

The judges were all lighting specifiers -- "a tough audience, impossible to fool, and hard to please," said the Department of Energy's Jim Broderick, as reported by The judges scored the entrants on illuminance, color, glare control, light distribution, appearance, value, and serviceability.

Efficacy showed a continuing rise in 2014, as it has in past years (the 2013 average figure rose 50% from 2012). More than half the Recognized products had efficacies at least 20% above the DesignLights Consortium's minimum. Ten of them exceeded 100 lm/W; these were given special notice for their high efficacy.

One factor that needs work across the industry is serviceability. The judges commented frequently on serviceability shortcomings, but they also awarded special acknowledgement to eight products whose serviceability stood above the crowd.

The Best in Class winners were:

The luminaires cited as Emerging were:

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