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2011 – 2015 UBM DeusM: All LED Lighting; Develop in the Cloud; Business Agility; The CMO Site
2014 UBM Tech: Information Week & EE Times
2010 International Data Group: ITWorld
2006 – 2010 Geeknet Inc.: Slashdot
2002 The Vineyard Group: Media Unspun
1999-2001 The Industry Standard: Media Grok | Posts | Shop Grok
2001 Silicon Alley Daily: Boston Tech Party
2000’s DigitalMASS: Internet columns


All LED Lighting (2013 – 2015) was a community site produced initially by UBM DeusM, later by UBM Tech, for Philips Lumileds. It was written for engineers, lighting design­ers, color scientists, and executives anywhere in the value chain for LEDs as applied to the application of lighting. I wrote blog posts, recruited contributing bloggers and community moderators, edited sub­mis­sions from bloggers, managed the moderators, produced and hosted live chats, and published newsletters, polls, and other special features.

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  02-11   Farewell to All LED Lighting
02-09   All LED Lighting Table of Contents, Q1 2015
02-03   Tuesday Roundup: Wealth
01-22   Thursday Roundup: Red Meat
01-16   Cree's Connected LED Bulbs
01-13   Tuesday Roundup: IP Attack
01-13   The Bay Lights Will Shine On
01-12   Holonyak, 4 Others Win Draper Prize
01-08   AllSeen & the Internet of Things at CES


  12-31   New Year's Eve Roundup: Lights Out
12-30   Why Are US Cities So Bright?
12-29   Smaller Cities Going for LEDs
12-24   Light-Emitting E-Readers Considered Harmful
12-17   Top 20 Posts of 2014
12-16   Tuesday Roundup: Cluckworthy
12-11   Philips SlimSurface in Use
12-10   Wednesday Roundup: Blue Food
12-05   Holiday LED Lights: Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
12-03   All LED Lighting Table of Contents, Q4 2014
12-02   Tuesday Roundup: Lookalike


11-24   Unboxing the Klauf Light Bar
11-20   Simplifying Dim-to-Warm
11-20   The Klauf Light Bar Arrives
11-19   California Mulls Tighter Standards for Light Quality
11-14   Friday Roundup: Don't Jump
11-13   The Lifetimes of Luminaires
11-11   Street Lights That Charge Cars
11-10   Monday Roundup: Digging It
11-06   Photos That Illuminate LED History
11-05   That Blue Peak? Don't Sweat It
11-04   Monday Roundup: Rebounding


  10-30   Cree's New 4Flow LED Bulb
10-27   Monday Roundup: Buggy
10-23   Street Lights After 5 Years in Service
10-21   GT Advanced Technologes Is Bankrupt
10-20   Monday Roundup: LEDs on Mars
10-16   Fun With Nanotubes
10-15   LED Light Pollution Hits the Environment Harder
10-10   The Rebound Effect
10-07   Nakamura, 2 Others Honored With 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics
10-07   Buying China-Made LED Filament Bulbs
10-06   Monday Roundup: Thread Carefully
10-03   The Business of SSL
10-02   LED Filament Bulbs
10-01   LEDs in Hogriculture


09-29   Monday Roundup: Live Long & Phosphor
09-24   Trends From the SSL Ecosystem Summit
09-23   SSL Ecosystem Conference Brings Vision, Hard Reality
09-23   The Matrix Platform Breaks New Ground
09-22   Monday Roundup: Halogen Redux
09-19   Next Generation Luminaires Awards
09-18   All LED Lighting Table of Contents, Q3 2014
09-17   3 Upcoming SSL Gatherings
09-15   Monday Roundup: Neon Sunset
09-12   Connected Lighting Is Blossoming
09-11   The Blues & Its Discontents
09-09   Tuesday Roundup: The Vanishing Dark
09-09   Apple & Sapphire


  08-29   DOE Updates SSL Manufacturing Roadmap for 2014
08-28   Cree & Lextar Partner
08-27   Ikea Invests in Flexible Light-Guide Tech
08-27   LED-Lit Skylines & Tourism
08-26   LEDs Help to Conserve the Sea's Bounty
08-25   Monday Roundup: Secure It
08-21   Echelon Acquiring Lumewave
08-18   Monday Roundup: Think the Lights On
08-15   Street Lights & Crime: It's Fractal
08-14   Taking Stock of Cree
08-12   The Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab
08-11   Monday Roundup: Zap
08-08   Breaking: Is the Switch Light Bulbs Company Dead?
08-07   Perovskite LEDs
08-05   LEDs That Whiten
08-04   Monday Roundup: Smart Explosion


07-31   How a Museum Decided on LED Lighting
07-31   Struggling Osram to Cut 7,800 Jobs
07-30   LED MR16s: Not There Yet
07-30's Low-Priced LED Bulbs
07-28   US Lagging Badly in Energy Efficiency
07-28   Monday Roundup: Dim Anything
07-24   Buenos Aires Lighting Up With Connected LEDs
07-23   Programming Drivers Wirelessly
07-21   Monday Roundup: Bullish
07-18   Modeling Discomfort Glare from LED Sources
07-16   Glass Phosphors for Thermal Stability
07-14   Monday Roundup: Betting Big on Silicon
07-11   The Largest LED-Lit Indoor Farm
07-09   Lumileds CrispWhite Tech Steals a March on Soraa, Xicato
07-09   Wednesday Roundup: Daylight & Candlelight
07-07   Hacking LiFX
07-01   Philips Lumileds & Automotive to Go Independent


  06-30   Monday Roundup: Cheap Connected Devices
06-27   Chicago Light Poles to Host 'Array of Things' Sensors
06-26   TCP Is a Public Company
06-26   Making Large-Area LEDs on Glass, Cheaply
06-24   All LED Lighting Table of Contents, Q2 2014
06-23   Monday Roundup: On-Again, Off-Again
06-19   China Cracks the Top 10
06-18   LED Lighting in a Campus Building
06-13   Indium Nitride Nanowires Go Green
06-11   Wednesday Roundup: Big Fish in the Smart Home
06-10   Brilliant Light Guides
06-06   Lightfair 2014: Two More Things
06-05   Lightfair 2014: Adjustable Color
06-04   Lightfair 2014: Control & Surveillance
06-03   Some Surprises From Lightfair 2014, Day 1
06-02   Monday Roundup: Hype Wave


05-30   Soraa Introduces Light Engines
05-28   Daintree Spreads Its Wings
05-27   Tuesday Roundup: Brandscape
05-23   Osram's LED Information Base
05-20   Smart Lighting, Network Effects & Platforms
05-20   Digital Lumens Broadens Beyond the High Bay
05-19   Monday Roundup: Testing, Testing
05-15   Focus on Light & Health
05-14   Oree's Planar Light Engine
05-13   LEDs at Forefront of Reshoring Movement
05-12   Monday Roundup: Lighting the Way
05-09   Street Lighting Brightens Obama's Energy Initiative
05-09   Ahead of Lightfair 2014
05-08   Turtle-Centric Lighting
05-07   3 From Cree
05-06   LED Replacements for Decorative Bulbs
05-05   The Finally Induction Light Bulb
05-05   Monday Roundup: Leveraging Haitz
05-01   LEDs Feature in New Green Buildings


  04-30   LED/Fluorescent Tipping Point Has Arrived
04-30   Philips & Cree Are Energy Star Award Winners
04-29   Using Nanoparticles to Simulate Skylight
04-29   Better LED Than Dead
04-28   Monday Roundup: Skin So Soft
04-24   All LED Lighting Table of Contents, Q1 2014
04-23   Soraa & the Rendering of Whites
04-22   LEDs in the Green Rush
04-21   Monday Roundup: Shady
04-18   Hubbell Lighting's Expansive Project Financing
04-16   More Lights for Africa
04-15   How a Street Light Replacement Project Goes Wrong
04-14   Monday Roundup: Worldwide Infomercial
04-10   Walmart Moving Its Stores to LEDs
04-09   Monolayer Dichalcogenides
04-08   The LED Patent Landscape
04-07   Monday Roundup: Vertical Farming
04-03   Morning Light Correlates With Adult Body Weight
04-02   LED Outdoor Lights Worse for Sky Glow


03-31   Monday Roundup: Electric
03-28   3D-Printed Hue Luminaires & Other New Gear
03-27   The Case for Standards-Based Lighting Controls
03-26   dotLEDs Are Built for Wearables
03-25   LEDs Transforming Cityscapes
03-24   Monday Roundup: Lenses Attached
03-20   Testing Driver Longevity
03-18   Lumileds Adds Low- & Mid-Power LEDs With Hot Color Targeting
03-17   Lumileds Bolsters Mid-Power Line With 3535-HV
03-17   Monday Roundup: Stomp to Light
03-13   UW Researchers Create World's Thinnest LED
03-13   Cree Adds 1600-Lumen Bulb, Cuts Prices
03-10   Monday Roundup: Night Golf
03-07   Networked Street Lights
03-05   Plain Talk About the Residential Market
03-03   Monday Roundup: In 2018


  02-28   Philips a Fast Company 'Innovative Company'
02-26   Philips & Ericsson Partner on 'Zero Site'
02-25   Tuesday Roundup: Lighting Cuts
02-21   Cree on MIT's '50 Smartest Companies' List
02-20   Lime Green at 200 Lumens per Watt
02-19   Newark's Airport Lighting Tracks You
02-18   Philips 75W, 100W Get Energy Star
02-17   Monday Roundup: Noli Me Tangere
02-13   Cree XLamp Goes High-Density
02-12   What We Have Learned
02-10   Monday Roundup: Whiter Whites
02-07   Filming With LED Street Lighting
02-05   The Battle for Controls Flares Up
02-03   Monday Roundup: Smart Glass


01-31   One Word: Optics
01-30   Binning Better
01-29   SSL Business Is Booming
01-28   A Quarter of LED Bulbs Don't Last
01-27   Monday Roundup: Smell the Light
01-23   Calculating ROI on a Residential LED Retrofit
01-17   Final Blow to Edison's Incandescent
01-21   Tuesday Roundup: Joy Jacket
01-16   LED Luminaire Design Considered Complex
01-15   The Future of Controls
01-23   Monday Roundup: Tap to Connect
01-14   Lighting for Pedestrians
01-10   What If We Don't Need SSL to Save Energy?
01-09   All a Designer Needs to Know About CRI
01-08   Hammer Testing LED Luminaires
01-07   Belkin's WeMo Smart LED Bulbs
01-06   Monday Roundup: Downplaying It




  12-24   Best US Markets for Energy-Efficient Bulbs
12-23   Monday Roundup: Iconic
12-20   The Incandescent 'Ban'
12-19   10 Years Out
12-18   The Most Popular All LED Lighting Posts of 2013
12-17   All LED Lighting Table of Contents, Q4 2013
12-16   Philips SlimStyle Looks Like a Winner
12-16   Monday Roundup: Sticky
12-09   Monday Roundup: Turn Here
12-06   Connected Lighting Alliance Branches Out
12-05   A Snapshot of LED A-Bulbs
12-04   Banishing the Night
12-03   When Utilities Fight LED Street Lights
12-02   Monday Roundup: Light Reading


11-27   What Is Most Important for SSL?
11-26   No Lights Like LEDs for the Holidays
11-25   Monday Roundup: Buffalo Billion
11-22   LED Tubes Replacing Fluorescent: How Long to ROI?
11-21   Internet-Connected Lights Are Surging
11-20   Light From All Directions
11-19   Evaluating PAR38 Lamps Subjectively
11-18   Monday Roundup: Bright Lights, Dark Road
11-15   Lighting-as-a-Service
11-14   Lighting Museums
11-13   From TCP, a Cheaper Hue in White Only
11-12   White Light Suppresses Melatonin -- but How Much?
11-11   Monday Roundup: Deep Harvesting
11-08   Trying LEDs Before You Buy
11-07   Philips Hue Line Gets BR30, GU10 Lamps
11-06   AC Drivers for LEDs
11-05   Looking for Mr. GoodPhosphor
11-04   Monday Roundup: High Lights


  10-31   LEDs Conference Potpourri
10-30   Lighting Boston's Tunnels, Revisited
10-30   Controls Freak
10-29   Moving Downstream
10-28   Monday Roundup: Bright Lights, Biggest City
10-25   New LEDs & Arrays Achieve High Efficacy
10-24   Paying for It
10-23   'Li-Fi' LED Bulb Claim From China
10-22   Hockey Under LED Lights
10-21   Monday Roundup: In the Dark
10-18   LEDs 2013 Boston: A Conference Preview
10-16   Dimming to Warm
10-15   Early Word From the 2013 IES Progress Report
10-14   Monday Roundup: Streets Full of Water
10-11   Cree vs. TCP Consumer LED Bulbs: A Rough Comparison
10-11   Berlin Resists Replacing Historic Gas Lanterns With LEDs
10-10   Zhaga Adds Dimming
10-08   Tuesday Roundup: Energy Stars
10-07   Some Facts About Walmart's LED Bulbs
10-04   Scrambling Polarization for More Efficient OLEDs
10-03   Walmart Makes a Big Splash in Residential LEDs
10-02   Flextronics Moves Into LED Lighting
10-01   Another Route to SSL: Laser Diodes


09-30   Monday Roundup: Tech Is the New Black
09-27   A Spate of LED Announcements
09-26   FTC Wins Judgment Against Lights of America
09-25   Philips Lumileds Luxeon Q: High Efficacy at High Current
09-24   Kitchen's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
09-23   Monday Roundup: Do Not Bat
09-20   All LED Lighting Table of Contents
09-20   Future of Light
09-19   Changing the World One Hen at a Time
09-18   Soraa Spells Out GaN-on-GaN Advantages
09-17   That's a Good Question
09-16   Monday Roundup: Too Bright
09-13   Fishing With Light on African Lakes
09-12   Human-Centric Lighting in Europe
09-11   Cree's $20 High-CRI California Bulb
09-10   LED Headlamps
09-09   Monday Roundup: Automation Armageddon
09-05   Color Blues
09-05   NliteN's 2D-Lite LED Disk
09-03   Tuesday Roundup: LEDucation Again


  08-19   The Economics of LED Lighting
08-16   A Driver Specialist's Worldview
08-15   One Way to Hack Hue
08-14   Chip-on-Board LED Arrays
08-13   LED Street Lights in the Real World
08-12   Monday Roundup: Not So Fast
08-09   A Webinar on Designing With LEDs
08-08   Hue Has 2 Friends
08-07   Cree's $99 Street Light
08-06   Lighting & Alzheimer's
08-05   Monday Roundup: Droop Again
08-02   Portrait of a Lighting Startup


07-31   LiFi in the Real World
07-30   LEDs & the Smart Grid
07-29   Monday Roundup: Creativity
07-26   Financing LED Retrofits
07-25   Multifunctional LED Packaging
07-24   LED Business Shines Brightly
07-23   Xicato Shoots for Vibrant
07-22   Monday Roundup: Plasma
07-18   Rambus Using Patents in a New Way
07-17   LED Lighting Poses No Blue Light Hazard
07-16   US House Blocks Enforcement of Energy Standards, Again
07-15   Monday Roundup: Crash Test
07-12   University of North Carolina Moving to Cree LEDs
07-11   Taking a Dim View
07-10   6 Million Square Feet of LED Retrofit
07-09   Osram Goes Public
07-08   Monday Roundup: Still Bright
07-03   Life-Saving LEDs
07-02   Stealing LED Lights
07-01   Monday Roundup: Big Sapphire


  06-28   Nothing But LEDs at the Paris Metro
06-27   Cree's New High-CRI LEDs
06-26   LEDs, Big-Data & the Cloud
06-25   Lighting Boston's Tunnels
06-24   Monday Roundup: Smart Lights
06-21   Cities Flocking to Install LED Street Lights
06-20   Bees Like LED Grow Lights
06-19   Silicon Nanoparticle LED Phosphors
06-18   Wrinkles in Upgrading Street Lighting
06-17   Monday Roundup: Lighting a Castle
06-14   A Biased Look at the Prospects for Sapphire
06-13   LEDs & Sustainability
06-12   Quantum Dot LEDs
06-11   What We Mean by Dimming
06-10   Monday Roundup: Light Emitting Integrated Circuits
06-07   US Government Invests in Advanced LED/OLED Manufacturing
06-06   Mona Lisa Lit by Toshiba LEDs
06-05   DuPont's Big Bet on LEDs
06-04   LEDs & Sleep
06-03   Monday Roundup: Strawberry Shelves Forever


05-31   Getting Up to Date With Color Science
05-30   Movies for Bicycle Wheels
05-29   Soraa Renews Push for 2-Tier Energy Star
05-28   Nanoribbon Europium Phosphors Shine With Promise
05-24   Monday Roundup: Heroes & Villains
05-22   The Next Energy Star Draft
05-21   OLED Lighting on the Ascendent by 2015
05-20   Monday Roundup: Politically Correct
05-17   The Speed of Dark
05-15   Philips Boosts Hue With 1.1 Release
05-14   Researchers Claim LED Light Damages Retinas
05-13   Monday Roundup: Efficacy Watch
05-10   The SSL Intellectual Property Landscape
05-09   DoE Spells Out LED Energy Savings
05-07   3 Routes to Color-Adjustable Home Lighting
05-06   Monday Roundup: LEDs That Mimic Fireflies
05-03   Scotobiology & LEDs
05-01   Getting to 80 Percent Market Share


  04-27   Monday Roundup: Droopy LEDs
04-26   Yet Another Portable Spectrophotometer
04-25   Lightfair 2013: 2nd Day Standouts
04-24   Lightfair 2013: Awards & Highlights
04-22   Monday Roundup: ZigBee on a Chip
04-19   On the Lighting of Bridges
04-18   Ahead of Lightfair 2013
04-17   When Will LEDs Replace Office Fluorescents?
04-16   LED Retrofit Saves Manufacturer an Easy 40%
04-15   Monday Roundup: Hybrid LEDs Using Organic Dyes
04-12   Introducing Philips Lighting University
04-11   Kickstarting LED Projects
04-09   Robot Bartender Would Not Be Complete Without LEDs
04-08   Monday Roundup: Data From Ceiling Lights
04-05   New Rijksmuseum Puts LED Tech on World Stage
04-04   LEDs on High
04-02   LEDs for Dental Applications


03-29   LED Art at City Scale


Information Week & EE Times (2014)

While my primarily responsibiilty was to DeusM’s be­spoke communities, I wrote occasional features for UBM’s premier publishing properties, Information­ and


  02-04   Kinect Assists Stroke Victims With Home Rehab
  02-13   8 Datacenters For Cloud's Toughest Jobs
  03-19   LED Industry Innovations: 6 Trends to Follow

Develop in the Cloud (2012-2013) was a community site produced by UBM DeusM for AT&T. It was written for developers — mobile, cloud-aware, mostly independent. I built the site from the “PoV document” on up. I wrote the following 121 blog posts over 6 months’ time, promoted them in social media, recruited and edited sub­mis­sions from contributing bloggers, recruited and managed community moderators, produced and hosted live chats, and published polls and other special features.

Click the arrow below to reveal a year’s writing, and click again to collapse it.



  01-29   Bye-Bye, API
01-28   Speech Recognition on Mobile
01-25   Friday Four: Antifragile
01-24   Programmer, Interrupted
01-23   So Long, IE8
01-22   Facebook Graph Search & Developers
01-18   Friday Four: Outsourcing Yourself
01-17   Upheaval Across the Mobile Landscape
01-16   Beware Java in the Browser
01-15   Responsive vs. Adaptive Design
01-14   Mobile Privacy Guidelines from California
01-11   Friday Four: Flexible Foundations
01-10   Teaching APIs at Codecademy
01-09   Programming Language Popularity
01-08   2013 Predictions From Freedom to Tinker
01-07   New Open-Source Phone OSs Loom
01-04   Friday 4: AWS Downsides & Late Projects
01-03   Amazon's AWS Command Line
01-02   Predictions for Developers, 2013




  12-28   Friday 4: Big-Data Talent & Native App Typography
12-26   Microsoft Offers a WebKit Patch
12-21   Friday 4: HTML5 Is Fully Baked
12-20   Freelance Developers & Insurance
12-19   Instagram Miscommunicates on Monetization
12-18   Sencha Shows Facebook How to Do HTML5
12-17   Web Design & Development Tools, 2012
12-14   Friday Four: Google Fiber & Savvis's Cloud
12-13   Defeating Windows 8 Metro Apps
12-12   Version Control for the Designer's Workflow
12-11   Two Pioneers
12-10   California Sues Delta Over Mobile Privacy
12-07   Friday Four: Code Smells & Flat IT Wages
12-06   Insourcing & Reshoring
12-05   A Data Pipeline in the Cloud
12-04   Stand, Walk, Move
12-03   Mobile Attitudes


11-30   Friday Four: Nokia's Tips & Responsive Images
11-29   Mobile Not First
11-28   On the Web Platform
11-27   About CSS Architecture
11-26   The Frontier of JavaScript Patterns
11-23   Friday Four for November 23
11-21   JavaScript as a Compiler Target
11-20   Microsoft Begs Web Developers to Use Standards
11-19   Religion & Object Orientation
11-16   Friday Four for November 16
11-15   Pricing & Selling Your App's IP
11-14   Windows 8's Inducements for Developers
11-13   In-App Purchase in Android
11-12   Flawed Study Shows Broad HTML5 Support
11-09   Friday Four for November 9
11-08   Ditching Copper
11-07   HTML5 Myths
11-06   The MOOC Explosion
11-05   Is 'Do Not Track' Patented?
11-02   Friday Four for November 2
11-01   Cloud as Botnet


  10-31   Mobile Fragmentation Revisited
10-30   The Longevity of the Well Paid Developer
10-29   JavaScript Framework Overload
10-26   Friday Four for October 26
10-25   Virulent Android Adware
10-24   Facial Recognition the Right Way
10-23   Bad Day for the Amazon Cloud
10-22   Getting to Responsive Images
10-19   Friday Four for October 19
10-18   Google's Misaimed Dart
10-17   Microsoft's Closing World
10-16   App Store Launch Checklists
10-15   Microsoft's High-Risk Bets
10-12   Friday Four for October 12
10-11   Congress Warns US Against Huawei & ZTE
10-10   'Coopetition' on Web Platform Docs
10-09   Heat, Not Light, on 'Do-Not-Track'
10-08   Windows 8's Slow Start
10-05   Friday Four
10-04   How to Teach Programming
10-03   Microsoft's TypeScript Benignly Extends JavaScript
10-02   Responsive Design
10-01   App Developers Look Like This


09-28   The Developer's Place of Work
09-27   What Mobile Users Want
09-26   Adobe Edge & HTML5 Tools
09-25   Cleaning Up the Recruiting Business
09-24   The Application Developers Alliance
09-21   Apple's iOS 6 Targeted Advertising Opt-Out
09-20   Getting Traction for a Mobile App
09-19   On Spaghetti Code
09-18   Why Facebook Backed Away From HTML5
09-17   Google's Online Course Creation Tool
09-14   Mobile Privacy Regulation Is Coming
09-13   Free Apps Dominate Downloads
09-12   Firefox OS Aims to Shape Up the Mobile Web
09-11   Targeting Amazon Kindle Fire HD
09-10   About Comments in Code
09-07   Teaching Kids to Program
09-06   What You Can Do Without Javascript
09-05   Hackers Leak Apple Unique Device IDs
09-04   Firefox's Developer Command Line


  08-31   HTML5 & the Hype Cycle
08-30   Fuzzy on the Cloud
08-29   Twitter's API & Lessons for Developers
08-28   Apps: Both Web & Native
08-20   Where Monetizing Is Headed
08-17   Microsoft Picks a Fight Over WebRTC
08-16   Developers, Introverts, & Productivity
08-15   How to Relocate Geeks
08-14   Fragmentation & the Mobile Developer
08-13   How Clojure Stands
08-10   Three Geek Teams Claim Gig Tank Awards
08-09   Woz Says the Cloud Is Falling
08-08   What a Developer Can Do With a Gigabit
08-07   From Artisan to Engineer
08-06   About the Forking of HTML
08-03   Developers: Amazon Wants You
08-02   The Coming High-Resolution Revolution
08-01   The State of Mobile Browser Monoculture


07-31   Location, Location & Fiber
07-30   US Developers Are Getting Younger
07-30   Learning (More About) Programming
07-30   Welcome to Develop in the Cloud


Business Agility (2012) was a community site produced by UBM DeusM for IBM. It was written for CIOs and senior IT management and staff. I wrote the following 109 blog posts over 6 months’ time, promoted them in social media, edited sub­mis­sions from contributing bloggers, managed community moderators, produced video features and “radio” (Internet broadcast) interviews, produced and hosted live chats, and published polls and other special features.

Click the arrow below to reveal 2013’s writing, and click again to collapse it.



  06-29   Malware-as-a-Service
06-28   Macs & Malware
06-26   The CIO Must Evolve
06-25   Facebook Agrees to ‘Sponsored Stories’ Climbdown
06-22   More Funding Urged for Catching Cybercriminals
06-21   Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ Tablet / PC
06-19   Amazon AWS: From Strength to Strength
06-18   Microsoft to Buy Yammer for $1.2B
06-15   ICANN’s Dot-Anything Plan Advances
06-14   Social Business by Design
06-12   The Essence of Agility
06-11   Internet Evolution Educates on IBM PureSystems
06-08   Agility Lessons From the LinkedIn Breach
06-07   Google’s Quickoffice Bolsters Mobile, Constrains Microsoft
06-05   When Big-Data Becomes Toxic
06-04   APIs Are NOT Copyrightable
06-01   Mobile Device Management From the Trenches


05-31   Arguing for IT Service Management
05-29   Box Beefs Up for the Enterprise
05-25   Facebook Should Do the Following
05-24   Government Access to Cloud Data
05-22   Desktop-as-a-Service
05-21   Facebook’s Post-IPO Agility
05-18   Staffing for Big-Data Analytics
05-16   The Agile Way to Do Mobile Development
05-15   Going Whole Hog With BYOD
05-14   Defining Big-Data
05-11   Mobility & the Risks of BYOD
05-10   Oracle v. Google: Are APIs Copyrightable?
05-08   Getting Away With Stealing Software
05-07   Tablets in IT’s Future
05-04   Apple Rejecting Apps That Use Dropbox
05-03   Agility on Display in Online Advertising
05-02   Datacenters Multiply in the Frozen North
05-01   Unintended Consequences of the Cloud


  04-30   Source-Code Breach a Cause for Worry
04-27   A Primer on the Social Enterprise
04-26   Agile Like Disney
04-25   The Top Worries of Security Pros
04-24   Microsoft, Dropbox Enhance Cloud Offerings
04-23   Google Drive Is Coming
04-20   Amazon’s ‘App Store for the Cloud’
04-19   OpenFlow Promises More Agile Networks
04-16   Turbulence in the Clouds
04-13   A Crash Course in Near Field Communication
04-12   Why Microsoft Bought 800 of AOL’s Patents
04-11   IBM Packages a ‘Cloud in a Box’
04-10   IT Jobs & the Cloud
04-09   Mac Malware Has Arrived
04-05   IBM & Exascale Computing: the Biggest of Big Data
04-04   Cloudburst: Unexplored Risks of the Cloud
04-03   UN-ITU Meeting to Review Internet Governance
04-02   Box’s Bid to Become Cloud’s Operating System


03-30   US Government Research Push on Big Data
03-29   JOBS Act to Unleash ‘Kickstarter on Steroids’
03-28   China Security Concerns Coming Home to Roost
03-27   Bringing Manufacturing Back
03-26   Cloud Is Exacerbating Tensions Between Business Units & IT
03-23   Hacktivism Accounts for Most Lost Data
03-22   Benchmarking Cloud Data Transfer
03-21   Risks of Advertisements in Android Apps
03-20   Cloud Prices Coming Down to Earth
03-19   Rumors of Death of the CIO Greatly Exaggerated
03-16   The Cloud Will Rain Jobs
03-15   Study Finds IT Skill Gaps
03-14   Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Patents
03-13   Mobility & the IT Worker
03-12   The New iPad & the Enterprise
03-09   How Security Can (& Must) Work With DevOps
03-08   Curing the Ills of Healthcare Security
03-07   Merger of United & Continental Shows How Not to Be Agile
03-06   Google’s Privacy Policy & the Law
03-05   BYOD: Productivity Concerns Eclipse Security
03-02   Facebook Is Trying to Lower Your Costs
03-01   ‘CPU Act’ Could End IT Overtime Pay


  02-29   RSA Security Meeting: Cloud, Mobile, & Big Data
02-28   Why Cloud Security Is Hard
02-24   Privacy: The Consumer Bill of Rights
02-23   Enterprise Social Networking in Practice
02-22   A First Look at Cloud Security
02-21   Staying Employable in IT
02-17   Path-Gate’ Teaches Hard Lessons in Mobile Privacy
02-16   LightSquared: The Wrong Kind of Agile
02-15   Yellow Pages: Insufficiently Agile
02-14   How Social Initiatives Fail
02-13   Social Business & the Introvert
02-09   The ‘App Economy’ & Its Meaning for IT
02-07   Time for Serious Focus on Mobile
02-06   IT Relevance Through the Social Enterprise
02-03   Cloud Productivity Heats Up With IBM Docs
02-02   Building a Data Science Team for the Agile Enterprise
02-01   Apple Takes Lead in Mobile Device Management


01-31   While Pursuing Agility, Don’t Lose Heart
01-30   Limits of Big Data Analytics
01-27   Heads Up for the Latest iOS Jailbreak
01-25   Industrial-Strength File Syncing & Sharing
01-23   Be Sure You Own Your Data in the Cloud
01-20   Big Data, NoSQL, & the Cloud
01-19   Navigating HTML5 Standards
01-18   SOPA & PIPA: The Antithesis of Agility
01-17   Making It Fun to Start a New Job
01-13   Chaotic Times Demand an Agile Response
01-12   IBM Bids to Formalize the Social Business Market
01-11   Olympus Shaping Up as Textbook Case of Poor Agility
01-10   Guarding Against ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’
01-09   CIOs May Face Staffing Challenges
01-06   Origins of BYOD Suggest a Way Forward
01-05   Rebalancing: Rethinking Offshored Manufacturing



The CMO Site (2011) was a community site produced by UBM DeusM for IBM. It was written for CMOs and senior marketing management. I wrote 174 blog posts over 12 months’ time, edited sub­mis­sions from contributing bloggers, managed community moderators, produced 15 video features and 3 “radio” (Internet broadcast) interviews, produced and hosted live chats, and published polls and other special features.

Click for links to my CMO Site posts.

International Data Group: ITWorld

I wrote two features for ITWorld: an explora­tion of the legal protections (and the holes therein) sur­round­ing users’ most private communications on social network­ing services; and a look at the projects springing up with the intent of by­pass­ing the Domain Name System, newly shown to be vulnerable to government interference.


  12-06   Gov‘t Crackdown Spurs Initiatives To Route Around DNS
  10-14   The Intimate Social Graph

Geeknet Inc.: Slashdot

Over four years I authored 7,468 short-form pieces for Slashdot. These were mostly reader sub­mis­sions, edited more or less heavily or entirely rewritten, as needed. I wrote probably a few hundred of them from scratch. The pieces served as a springboard for dis­cussion among members of the Slashdot com­mun­ity. They are not archived here.


The Vineyard Group: Media Unspun

Media Unspun was a latter-day incarnation of the late lamented Media Grok, written and produced independently by the same crew of freelance writers and editors. Unspun was a journalistic experiment exploring the question: can a feisty, opinionated, authoritative daily wrapup of business news make its way as a paying proposition on the post-bubble Internet?

The answer, in the economy of 2002, was negative.

We began publication in January 2002 as a free “teaser” and moved as planned to a subscription basis in March. The final issue appeared on December 13, 2002. Media Unspun was published by email every business day before 10:00 am Eastern time. It cost $50 per year, payable via Paypal or Amazon.

The Web site is no longer available, so I host copies of my articles on this archive.

Click the arrow below to reveal 2002’s writing, and click again to collapse it.



  12-10   I’m bad, I’m worldwide
12-06   Wi-Fi nation
12-03   No file swapping, Matey!
11-25   Wi-Fi: Something in the Air
11-22   From Big Blue to ‘The Chamber’
11-19   My way or the Segway
11-15   Dell bucks the tide
11-12   Capellas jumps ship to helm Titanic
11-07   Microsoft’s pen project gets ink
11-04   Judge to Microsoft: never mind
11-01   The endless trial, part XIX
  10-25   Gates to the Magic Kingdom
10-24   Internet attacked! Film at 11
10-17   Notes from a dry earnings season
10-15   Microsoft skins a knee on the Astroturf
10-11   Supreme Court’s Mickey Mouse operation
10-08   The biggest cable hookup
10-03   Northwest no longer Expedient
10-01   Winnick: hands-off or red-handed?
09-24   Oogling Google’s News
09-23   Telecom’s slow train wreck coming
09-19   Qwest for immunity
09-17   Fear and loathing in the hunt for cyber-security
09-13   AOL, Yahoo take race to fast track
09-10   Holes in the cyber-zone
09-06   Bumping along the bottom
09-03   Bertelsmann beats a retreat
  08-16   Geeks on the march
08-13   Sleeping with the penguin
08-09   FTC stamps Microsoft’s Passport
08-06   Microsoft aggressively playing nice
08-02   Now how much would you pay?
07-30   AOL, AT&T banking on confusion
07-26   It’s good to Be Microsoft
07-23   RealNetworks helps Microsoft go open source
07-19   Scenes from a meltdown
07-16   Give me Liberty or give me… Passport?
07-12   SLAPPing down anonymous speech
07-09   ePal? PayBay?
07-02   Searching for payola
  06-20   Judging a judge’s smile
06-18   Say it loud, I’m back and I’m a cloud
06-14   Will Senate panel clean up ICANN?
06-11   Court in the cards for Visa and MasterCard
06-04   Diller the Contrarian
05-29   ICANN See Clearly Now, The Execs Have Gone
05-28   EU: May I Investigate Your Passport, Please?
05-24   Episode II: Return of the IPOs
05-21   X marks the box
05-14   Whose community is it, anyway?
05-13   Our eBay, ourselves
05-10   Big Blues
05-07   Enough doom and gloom already
05-03   Adobe 1, Macromedia 0
05-02   AOL’s search ends with Google
  04-30   The silence of the Webcasters
04-26   Tyco, 10-foot poles, and cockroaches
04-23   Yodeling all the way to the bank
04-19   Privacy: it’s not just for professional paranoids anymore
04-18   Hewlett’s dream gets a little more impossible
04-16   Does Amazon make authors feel used?
04-12   Hailing on Microsoft’s parade
04-11   Press 7 to send your voice mail to the media
04-09   Elephant fight
04-04   KaZaa’s sneakware surprise
04-02   DSL’s new sheriff in town
04-01   Yahoo opts into Doubleclick’s trouble
03-26   Goodwill hurting
03-22   Palm springs eternal
03-21   Compaq votes for mixed blessing
03-19   Icann makes Auerbach red
03-15 High-speed cable’s tug of war

Free issues:

  02-15   Comcast’s blues
02-01   Googlewhacking reconsidered
01-18   Yahoo up, Mallett out
01-11   A week in the life of a colossus

The Industry Standard

Media Grok

Media Grok was an award-winning daily newsletter produced by The Industry Standard. The Grok reported on the way the media were reporting on the Internet economy. (The verb to grok comes from the novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. It means to understand in a global sense; to possess intimate and exhaustive knowledge.)

In August 2001, the Industry Standard sought bankruptcy protection; in September the assets of Standard Media were sold at auction. The winning bidder, IDG, has kindly kept the Standard’s site alive on the Web. Not counting on their perpuetual forbearance, I have collected my work for the Standard over the last few years in this local archive. These articles are Copyright 1999-2001 by Standard Media.

Click an arrow below to reveal that year’s writing, and click again to collapse it.



  09-25   Worm Insurance
09-21   The Microsoft-DOJ Dance Marathon
09-14   Exploiting It
09-07   Downbeat on HewPaq
09-04   Not So Exciting AtHome

08-14   High Flyer
08-07   All Venture Capital Is Local
08-03   No Rhythm, No Ricochet

07-31   Icon Wars
07-30   Pretty Good Wiretapping?
07-30   Windows XP: Threat or Savior?
07-27   Pick Your Privacy Problem
07-24   Has AOL Gotten the Message?
07-20   Worms and Viruses, Oh My
07-17   Dutch Giant Gobbles Last Pea in the Pod
07-13   Wireless Drive-By Hacking
07-10   What We Think About… the Net
07-06   Are Security Companies Secure Investments?
07-03   Wireless Pioneer Circles the Wagons
  06-29   Yahoo Launches, Napster Fades
06-22   Maneuvers Before the Microsoft Ruling
06-19   Who Let the Wolves In?
06-05   Sleepless In Stockholm
06-04   Whose Desktop Is It, Anyway?
06-04   Wal-Mart Wants You to Surf Like It’s 1999
06-01   Lessons From an Imaginary Life and Death
05-29   Is Amazon in the Wrong Business?
05-25   VeriSign Drops a List, Loses a Clue
05-24   …Never Try to Sell Software to CEOs
05-24   Cyberscammers Help FBI’s Image
05-22   Supremes Will Play COPA
05-18   Cheese, the Friendly Linux Worm
05-17   Calling Dick Tracy by Christmas 2002
05-11   Nortel Bails on DSL
05-11   Can You Budget for Elections? ICANN’t
05-08   Renting the Software Experience
05-04   Microsoft Security Flaw in Shades of Gray
05-01   The Net on Net Taxes
  04-27   This Is War?
04-24   Watermarks … or Freedom?
04-20 Smile, Dial, and Pay More
04-17   The Day the Streaming Died
04-13   Why Educause? Just Because
04-10   IBM and Carrier debut a cool idea
04-06   It’s Easy to Crack the Government
04-03   VeriSign Still Has the Ball
03-30   DoubleClick, Double-Lock the Doors
03-27   TiVo Is Watching You
03-23   If You Can’t Trust Microsoft…
03-20   Congress Flails in E-Mail Tidal Wave
03-16   NCR: ‘All Your Palm Are Belong to Us’
03-13   How New Is the Latest Security Flaw?
03-09   Intel Lowers the Limbo Stick
03-06   Bibliofind Owned By Hax0r D00dz
03-02   VeriSign Retains Eminent Domain
  02-27   Domain Names are Greek to Me
02-23   Whose Hard Drive Is It, Anyway?
02-20   Spam Delivered Piping Hot
02-16   Peering Into the Future
02-13   Deja Googled
02-09   Congress Tweaks ICANN
02-06   Wiretapping Your E-Mail
01-30   Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the BIND Bugs Bite
01-23   Supremes to Untangle FCC, Telecom Fights
01-19   Script Kiddie Cops a Plea
01-16   Hack My System. Please.
01-12   Glimmers Amid the Gloom
01-09   Amazon Gets Little Credit
01-05   Easy Dot-Com, Hard Dot-Go
01-02   What Lies Ahead


  12-26   Review Review
12-22   Microsoft Stretches .Net Over Great Plains
12-19   Open Up This Instant
12-15   Microsoft Lowers Expectations
12-12   Courts Taming the Wild, Wild Web
12-08   File-Swapping Meets the Revolving Door
12-05   China Stretches Its Wires
11-29   Of Fraud and
11-28   Plastics + Semiconductors = Money
11-21   E-Publishing Going Wide
11-10   Translate This: ‘Oopsie’
11-07   Awash in E-Books
11-03   Vote Trading in a Horse Race
  10-31   Fiber, Fiber Everywhere
10-24   Groovin’ Peer-to-Peer
10-17   Advertisers Look Inward
10-10   Politics and Profiling
10-03   May I Have the Encrypted Envelope, Please
09-26   Supremes Won’t Hear Microsoft Case
09-19 Says Buh-Bye
09-15   It’s Privacy Week
09-12   HPwC: Half Full or Half Empty?
09-08   AmEx to Make Online Porn Purchases Safer
09-05   Old-Fashioned B-to-B
09-01   Untangling the Wireless Ruling
  08-31   Ado or Not Ado?
08-29   Intel Has a Monday
08-22   Love’s Labor’s Lost
08-17   Carnivore Slow to Spill Its Guts
08-15   A Bumper Crop of Break-Ins
08-08   Press Shrugs at Major Java Bug
08-01   Foxes and Henhouses
07-25   Trust Us, We’re the Government
07-18   Clinton Liberalizes Crypto Export, Press Yawns
07-11   FTC to ToySmart: Define “Never”
07-07   FTC Wants a Piece of B-to-B
07-07   IBM and Compaq Bond Over Storage
  06-30   Free PCs and Fine Print
06-30   Priceline Nosedives as Airline Plan Taxis for Takeoff
06-21   British Telecom: We Own Hyperlinks
06-19   Gates Watergated?
06-13   Bluetooth Gets Real
06-12   Serbian Badman a Toothless Trojan?
06-06   APBnews Vanishes in a Puff of Irony
05-30   Don’t Win, Don’t Tel
05-23   Business-to-Business as Usual
05-17   House Outlaws an Urban Legend
05-17   Microsoft’s Lobbying Paying Off?
05-16   LyTerra? Terracos?
05-10   Press, Marketers Still Love the Bug
05-09   Late Starter NTT Moves on U.S., Europe
05-03   Metallica Names Screen Names
05-03   Forgot Your Finger? Click Here
05-02   B to B, or not to B
  04-26   Netcos Check the Bottom Line
04-26   Microsoft Spins and Sweetens Options
04-25   Napster Not Napping
04-25   Virtual News, Virtual Ads
04-19   The Tech Rally, Day 2
04-19   There You Go Again
04-18   Pocket Change
04-12   Linux, Eh?
04-11   Virgin Gives It Away
03-28   CPHack Programmers Throw in the Towel
03-24   Microsoft Stock Pops, Speculation Rages
03-21   Peace and Strife in the Patent Wars
03-14   Microsoft Buys Into RealNames Keywords
03-07   Desperately seeking the next DoubleClick
  02-29   Wireless News Blankets the Wires
02-22   No Spam, Please - We’re From Colorado
02-15   Then There Was One
02-11   Press Ignores DoS Attackers’ Cease-Fire
02-10   Hackers Shut Down the Media
02-09   Reuters Embraces the Net
02-08   Killer Demo 2000
02-01   Super Bowled Over, Dot-Commed Out
01-25   I hack you!!!!!!
01-18   Et tu, Thomas?
01-18   T. Rex auction, take 2
01-11   Much ado about stolen credit cards


  12-21   CNN, Leisureplanet travel in circles
12-14   Zero Knowledge, lots of privacy
12-09   Microsoft-Ericsson explore telephony
12-07   Code breakers turn cell phones into party lines
11-30   A rumor electrifies Corel’s stock
11-23   Antiquarian bookseller snoops Amazon’s e-mail
11-16   All Comdex, all the time
11-03   Consumer protection derails digital signatures
11-02   Real Privacy
  10-28   Wire globally, access locally
10-27   Say it loud: I’m back and I’m a cloud
10-26   A stink over “Skunk Works”
10-20   Encyclopedia Britannica goes free, portalizes
10-19   Subscribing to your computer
10-13   E Ink gets ink
10-12   Selling free software, giving away the profit
10-05   MCI and Sprint are everywhere
10-04   Whole lotta shaking going on
09-08   Sun’s network PC: Try, try again
09-01   Hackers create Global Hell

08-31   …Another Security Break for Microsoft
08-25   Big-name e-comm ventures target holiday sales
08-25   AOL goes free in Britain
08-24   A Bigger, Longer Shortcut…
08-24   Regulating the Net: Where’s the Fun in That?
08-17   Court to AOL: You’ve got squat


Posts was a regular feature of the print edition of The Standard consisting of topical, short pieces, often of a humorous or offbeat nature.


  11-08   Save URLy and Often
09-05   Play That Funky Source Code, Geek Boy
08-21   The Candidates’ Platforms
08-07   A Way With Words
05-01   Exploiting Elian

Shop Grok

Shop Grok was a weekly newsletter reporting on the way the media were reporting on Internet commerce.


  09-28   Amazon Says ‘Oops’ to Keep the Press at Bay

Silicon Alley Daily: Boston Tech Party

Silicon Alley Daily is an online daily features site produced by Silicon Alley Reporter. Each Friday its Boston Tech Party column spotlighted a company or trend in the Boston area.


  03-09   ETC Music’s MusicTeller: An ATM That Rocks

DigitalMASS: Internet Columns

DigitalMASS (a production of was a destination and resource site for Massachusetts high-tech professionals. Early in 2000 I wrote a number of columns for the online publication. They are no longer available on the site; I have resurrected most of them for this local archive.


  04-12   An inalienable right to link?
04-05   Undernet serves as hearth and home for high-tech anarchists

03-29   Politics and the pursuit of spammers
03-22   Recreational browsing at work meets its match
03-15   Life, liberty, and Net anonymity
03-08   You can click, but you can’t hide

02-09   Shields up!
02-02   Domain name fashion extends beyond basic black
01-26   The Web’s ‘Southern’ twang


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