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Lumileds Adds Low- & Mid-Power LEDs With Hot Color Targeting

Philips Lumileds (this site's sponsor) has added to its mid-power LED push with the 3030 2D and introduced the low-power 3014. Both are hot color targeted and micro-binned.

Philips Lumileds 3030 2D (Source: Lumileds)

In a sponsor blog last week, Lumileds's Mark Chang introduced the idea of hot color targeting to assure than an LED performs within ANSI color specs when it has achieved its operating temperature -- e.g., 85°C. Lumileds has now introduced the first parts to use this technique: the mid-power 3030 2D and the low-power 3014.

3030 2D
The lumen output of the 3030 2D, a 6V surface-mount emitter, is 10% to 15% higher than that of its predecessors, reaching 160 lm at maximum current (240 mA). When driven at 120 mA the 3030 2D reaches an efficacy of 133 lm/W in cool white at a CRI of 80.

The 3030 2D is aimed at applications such as high-flux luminaires.

Philips Lumileds 3014 (Source: Lumileds)

The low-power 3014 delivers 10 to 12 lm at 30 mA and 33 lm at 100 mA. Its package is an industry-standard size, allowing manufacturers to update product lines by drop-in replacement. The LED is targeted at omnidirectional applications such as troffers, TLEDs, retrofit bulbs, and refrigerated cabinet display lighting.

Both the new mid-power and low-power LEDs are offered in what Lumileds terms "1/9 micro-binning." The concept is the same as one we discussed six weeks back, when it was being publicized by the Taiwanese LED maker Edison Opto. The idea is to subdivide a 7-step MacAdam quadrangle with 3- and 5-step ellipses inscribed inside it. This defines 9 regions, and buyers of LEDs can select two or more opposing regions to mix for better color accuracy and consistency.

Here are product briefs for the 3030 2D and the 3014.

Lumileds evidently has more announcements in store before this month wraps up, as it has telegraphed a mid-power LED with an efficacy of 185 lm/W. Stay tuned here.

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