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Soraa Introduces Light Engines

The company that is staking its future on GaN-on-GaN technology has broadened its product line beyond luminaires to include light engines. We have often speculated here how Soraa could survive and thrive selling only LED lamps, when the prevailing wisdom in the rest of the industry seemed to be that vertical integration is the way forward. The company's product line to date has included MR16, GU10, and AR111 lamps.

Soraa has now taken the next step in unbundling its products by offering light engines. Its LE line encompasses four sizes of engine, from 1" to 4" (2.54 cm to 10.16 cm). The press release says the engines feature Soraa's CRI-95, R9-95 "VP3 Vivid Color" technology. It does not give details of a further breakdown of the product line. (What range of lumen output, color temperature, and CRI will be available in which size profiles?)

Soraa claims that its light engines consume 50% less power and have higher intensity (CBCP) than "current integral LED fixtures." The engines enable designing luminaires that are 50% smaller, according to the company. They run cool and have a projected lifetime of 50,000 hours. External drivers are required.

The LE line is also compatible with Soraa's SNAP system of magnetically positioned and fastened attachments, which can alter the shape, spread, CCT, "and soon direction" of the light beam. The obvious direct competition to Soraa's light engines would seem to be Xicato's Artist Series XSM modules. (Xicato also offers the Vibrant series, featuring a higher gamut area index.)

I hope to provide more nuance once I see Soraa's light engines at Lightfair next week. Unfortunately even an indirect comparison with Xicato does not seem likely, as the latter company won't be at the show as far as I can see.

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