Resumé of Keith Dawson

Saint Paul, Minnesota



Freelance technology writer, editor, and journalist. Net journalist and content marketing expert; editor and pub­lish­er of an award-winning newsletter on the technologies affecting the life of the Net. Seminal blogger. Named Internet Journalist of the Year in 1999. Internet/web technology expert and hands-on web de­sign­er, builder, host, and project manager with broad software development experience. Technically clued marketing professional with strong product focus and deep back­ground in the ways of the Net. Extreme team-building and communication skills. Consistent involvement in leading-edge tech­nologies, tools, and methods.



United Business Media / Deusm
New York, NY
Community editor; editor-in-chief
Working for the Deusm “startup” within UBM, I participated in four multi-award-winning, bespoke vertical communities built and managed for sole sponsors: The CMO Site (for IBM), Business Agility (IBM), Develop in the Cloud (AT&T), and All LED Lighting (Philips Lumileds). For the latter two I was EIC. For all I wrote daily features; edited contractors’ contributions; managed networks of freelance writers and moderators; contributed features such as polls, quizzes, live chats, cartoons, etc.; hosted wide-ranging discussions on the sites’ CMS-based boards; and promoted the sites’ activities in multiple social media, in both my own and the company’s accounts.
Mountain View, CA
I was one of the handful of people who select and edit stories for the premiere tech news site, Slashdot was then a division of Geeknet (formerly SourceForge Inc.), NASDAQ ticker GKNT.
2002 Media Unspun
Newton, MA
Weekly contributor
I participated along with the other writers and editors from the late Media Grok (see below) in this post-bubble ex­peri­ment to see if a feisty, opinionated, and independent daily email newsletter could pay its way based on reader subscrip­tions and advertising. Answer: not in the economy of 2002; Media Unspun published its last number on December 13 of that year.
The Industry Standard’s Media Grok
San Francisco, CA
Weekly contributor
I wrote one to three features per week for this widely read (peak circulation was 100,000) and influential email newsletter critiquing how the media were covering the information economy.
Westford, MA
Editor and Publisher
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front started as an educational and current awareness service. I began distributing news and commentary to colleagues at Atria to illustrate the culture and customs of the Net. In 1995 TBTF opened to outside sub­scribers. Readers were fanatically loyal. At its end an estimated 50,000 people in 101 countries read TBTF regularly; hundreds still visit the archived website daily. TBTF is cited an an early and seminal influence on blogging in two his­tories of the subject, Rebecca Bood’s We’ve Got Blog and Scott Rosenberg’s Say Everything. The creator of Slash­dot, Rob Malda, has said that TBTF was the inspiration for his tech news site.
Miscellaneous Columnist and contributor
I have written a number of pieces for ITWorld, and earlier for outlets such as Silicon Alley Daily, the Boston Globe’s DigitalMASS website, the print edition of The Industry Standard, and others. Here are links to all of this work.


1998 Reed Elsevier Technology Group
Cambridge, MA
Content editor and developer for an inhouse site used by Reed Elsevier employees worldwide. The site was ASP-based and hosted on NT 4.0 systems running IIS 3.0 and, later, Site Server 3. Investigated and instituted visitor traffic analysis. Reworked member registration to use Site Server 3.0. Grew the site by 100% in content, improved graphical and navigation consistency, tightened site security, added interactive forums, and regu­lar­ized update procedures. Documented all of the above.
Sitara Networks, Inc.
Waltham, MA
Director, Internet Strategy
Implemented two complete web sites, a teaser while the company was in stealth development mode and a product-launch site. Selected and managed an external hosting ISP. Coordinated messaging and content, wrote copy. Managed outside agencies for design and for back-end processing.
Atria / Pure Atria
Natick and Lexington, MA
Manager, Technical Marketing
Drove Atria’s web strategy. Championed intranet for company-wide communications and applications. Put Atria on the web: designed, built, and launched on February 1, 1995. (According to UIUC’s What’s New site, Marc Andreesen’s index of the web and the original blog, was among the first 20,000 sites on the web.)
the Technology Front
Westford and Groton, MA
This DBA focuses on web design, development, and hosting for small businesses, nonprofits, and single proprie­tor­ships. In the Internet boom years I consulted at the nexus of Internet technology, marketing, and business strategy. I offered strategic consulting, business development, technical evaluation, architectural consulting, project manage­ment, and focused research and writing. Clients included members of the Fortune 500, venture capital firms, non­profits, and Net-centered startups. I was on the boards of advisors of two such companies and the board of directors of a third.
Earlier experience includes sofware development, development management, technical marketing, product management, and technical writing.

B.S. summa cum laude, Physics-English double major, Carnegie Mellon University. Coursework in general and project management, software development and software engineering, graphics, etc.
Featured speaker at the First Geek Pride Festival, Boston, MA (2000). Invited judge of the GII Awards (1997-1999) and NII Awards (1996). Elected to Phi Kappa Phi and Tau Beta Pi. Accepted at Harvard for graduate work in physics. High-school valedictorian; recipient of the Harvard Book and awards in mathematics, French, and English. National Merit Scholar.


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