the Technology Front: High-Touch Web Design

Services I offer include high-touch web design, development, and hosting. I’m accessible and available to my clients. I’m online much of the waking day. You can contact me whenever you need to by email, IM, or cell phone (yes, clients get that number). Clients have been known to be flabbergasted when I respond to their requests more or less immediately.

Hosting  When you host with the Technology Front, $75/yr. gets you all of the extras at no extra charge.
  • Email: unlimited addresses; unlimited aliases per address. Collect mail via POP or IMAP or forward to one or several addresses. Unlimited mailing lists via Mailman. Spam filtering via Spamassassin.
  • Web. I put initial limits on disk space and bandwidth simply in order to keep track of things. If you need more of either, just ask — there’s plenty. Graphical visitor statistics (via webalizer) are updated nightly. Raw log files are available to you. By default I enable Apache support for SSI, PHP, CGI, and Perl. On request, ASP, Python, FastCGI, and ColdFusion are available. Custom error documents for your site are the default. You can use your own or pre-packaged CGI scripts.
  • Applications: On request I will set up blogging software (e.g. WordPress, textpattern) or a content-management system (Drupal, joomla, Mambo) for you. Wikis, discussion forums, photo galleries, issue trackers, polls — if you want something not provided in the above web automation packages, just ask. Need a MySQL database (or two) for your application? Just ask.

Domain names  I can advise you on your domain name strategy and obtain your chosen name(s) for you. For sites hosted here I charge $12 annually for registering or transferring names, and $15 if you don’t want your contact details (name, address, phone, email) listed in the public whois directory.


Web design and development  I characterize my approach as high-touch because I work with you in the way you want to work, at whatever degree of detail works best for your schedule, availability, and level of knowledge and interest. I can and will explain as much of it to you as you care to know, cheerfully and patiently and with respect.

In other phases of my career I’ve practiced and managed development and marketing in many areas of the software, computer, and Internet industries. I have a degree in physics and English and have been a technical writer and an award-winning technology journalist. My eye for design and aesthetics is rare in one so technically hands-on. My love of well-structured code and embrace of web standards were honed by years in the trenches of software development and documentation. I’ve been on the Internet since before there was a web.

I work on either an houly or a project basis, but much prefer the latter: everyone is more relaxed when there isn’t a meter running. Upon completion of a web project, I’ll either turn everything over to you, or stay in the loop for maintenance and upgrades, at your option.

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